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The Enviroprobe was developed to address a number of real-world analytical problems based on a new analytical paradigm. Simply stated: "every sample handling step and every minute waiting for a result cost you money!" Therefore, the most expeditious way to tackle an analytical problem is to provide on-line or in-situ sampling, thereby paving the way for real-time analytical results to be ready for immediate on-site use. In real-world applications, this is easier said than done. Real-world samples involve mixtures. In order to separate and quantitate mixtures of analytes and interferants, the analytical chemist requires either off-line sample preparation or powerful on-line analytical methods capable of separating the target constituents. The Enviroprobe is designed to apply the latter approach to gas phase analytes in a way that is consistent with the on-line, in-situ, real-time, on-site philosophy.

What is the Enviroprobe?

The Enviroprobe is a next generation, portable gas chromatography (GC) module for real-time, on-line analytical measurements. Unlike existing portable GC instruments, the Enviroprobe does not assume that appropriate on-site analytical methods are only simplified, low resolution laboratory methods. Nor does it assume that putting a handle on an instrument makes it suitable for on-site analyses. The Enviroprobe is an add-on, AVS-TLGC "front-end" which transforms an ordinary spectroscopic detector into a powerful on-line, hyphenated analytical instrument.The Enviroprobe module is a fully-automated, pulsed, direct atmospheric vapor sampling unit (the AVS), integrated with transfer-line capillary gas chromatography (TLGC). Together, the combination of AVS-TLGC allows a vapor phase analyte to be directly coupled into a capillary column without the need for intervening valves or other adsorption site contaminants. Automated pre-set valves pneumatically move carrier gas through the system drawing the sample directly into the transfer line. Using this unique method, sample loss/contamination problems are nonexistent! But the Enviroprobe goes further in it's quest to enhance the results you want. By directing the sample flow into the TLGC, the quick separation allows your system to become Hyphenated!

With an Enviroprobe module, you get:

Enviroprobe units are available for a number of commercial MS, FTIR and IMS systems. The EnviroprobeTM unit consists of an AVS sampling manifold, a TLGC unit, pneumatic and electrical control circuitry, external DC power supply, computer control software and optional detector inter-facing. Capabilities include on-demand, repetitive, or computer controlled sampling at intervals from 1 s to 1 day. The Enviroprobe weighs less than 3 lbs (w/o external power supply), measures 6"x5"x5" and operates off a 12 V or 24 V external power supply. A number of options are available for interfacing Enviroprobe capabilities to field-portable instruments.

Enviroprobe Capabilities

The capabilities of the Enviroprobe system are determined in large measure by the detector system selected for your application. The Enviroprobe is readily coupled to any state-of-the-art, capillary GC detector. FemtoScan will design a custom interface for most commercial systems. Spectroscopic detectors are required to take advantage of hyphenated TLGC methods. Currently supported detector systems are based on Mass Spectrometry, Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Fourier Transform Infrared detection. Inquiries about Enviroprobe interfaces to other detector interfaces are welcome.

Example Installation:

Example EP Installation

Example Analytes:

The purpose of Enviroprobe AVS-TLGC is to provide an on-line, real-time connection between the analytical problem and the analytical chemist or process control system. In this context, both the environment of the target analyte and the detector system become integral to the development of an Enviroprobe-based analytical solution.

If you are interested in transforming your instrument into a powerful, hyphenated analytical tool? Tell us your application, and we will suggest an Enviroprobe solution. We will also be happy to design and build an interface to meet your specifications (we'll even develop an analytical method for your application)!

Give us a call! We will help you save time, money and get the results you need, NOW.

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