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FemtoScan Corporation, founded in 1990, has a highly dedicated and knowledgeable group of professionals. Together they have more than 30 years experience in environmental research (chemical detection and monitoring) and instrument development. Our company's main focus is to bring the world of hyphenation to the marketplace by offering technology known as the AVS-TLGC (Automated Vapor Sampling-Transfer Line Gas Chromatography). This technology was developed by the founders while they were employed at the University of Utah, Center for Micro Analysis and Reaction Chemistry, and FemtoScan has negiotiated an exclusive worldwide license from the university.

The AVS-TLGC technology is now available in two forms:

The Enviroprobe module is a small (6x6x4), fast (1-30 second analysis time), automated sampling gas chromatography system that is meant to be a "front-end", add-on to a detector of your choice (MS, FTIR, GC, etc.). By coupling the Enviroprobe to a detector, you will immediately realize four key features of this technology: The EVM II (Environmental Vapor Monitor) instrument incorporates the features of the above described Enviroprobe technology with the powerful technique of IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) to produce the first truly hand-portable, hyphenated spectroscopic technique in the world. Because of the speed of analyses, the sensitivity and specificity of the instrument, we believe the EVM II is well-suited to a number of application areas and we are eager to get this instrument into your hand (only one hand necessary!) to demonstrate its potential.

These instruments offer the user enormous gains in both speed and sensitivity over competing technologies. However, it became evident that a software package that could take advantage of these benefits was urgently needed. HYPHEN is our answer to that need. HYPHEN can display the data generated by hyphenated systems in multiple dimensions and in real time!

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